Spring Cleaning

Spring is here!  Stone Roofing has been selected to put roofs on quite a few major outlets all over California in cities such as Sacramento, Antioch, Fullerton, Westminster, Duarte, and West Covina.  Many of these major retail clients continue to utilize our maintenance service to remove debris from gutters and drains, and provide any small preventative repairs to ensure the new system remains in tact for many years to come.  Leaves, pine needles, or any other debris that winds up on the roof can eventually be harmful to your current system.  When all the excess particles start clogging your gutters and drains, it causes any water on the roof to pond in surrounding areas since it cannot escape properly, which can lead to serious damage and highly extensive repairs that can be costly.  Don’t neglect your roof.  Give Stone Roofing a call.  Our highly experienced service staff and crew can answer any questions you may have.



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