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Summer Heat and Commercial Roofs

Summer is arriving and it brings extreme heat that can damage your commercial roof. Most commercial roofs are hit hard by summer heat waves and if you are not prepared, it could cause serious damage.

Full roof inspections internally and externally will help you prepare for the hot summer heat. Typically, roof exposure over a period can weaken your roof system and its ability to serve as a barrier.

Working with and experienced roof contractor will help identify issues listed below:

  • Cracks, blisters, or punctures in the roof membrane
  • Discolored or water-stained walls and ceilings
  • Cracks in walls and parapets
  • Raised or deteriorated areas on the walls below the roof deck
  • Nails or screws coming through the membrane
  • Loose, damaged, or buckled flashing
  • Damaged or missing caulking along masonry panel joints
  • Gaps in caulking around any units on the roof (chimney or HVAC)
  • Bald or bare spots where UV reflective granules are missing

Regular inspections before the summer will allow you to identify any of these problems before the heat arrives. You have time to get damages repaired to make sure that your roof will be able to withstand summer heat. Inspection and regular maintenance is also the best way to extend the life of your commercial roofing, so you get the most from your investment. Be sure to work with a qualified and experienced roofing contractor to ensure all potential problems are identified and fixed correctly.

Call us today to schedule an inspection and we will get your commercial roof summer-ready before it is too late.

Preventative Maintenance – Azusa

Project Description

The Commercial Center in Azusa is home to dozens of businesses. A portion of this is owned by MC Strass Edgewood Center LLC, who in turn provides adequate shelter and space for Boost Mobile and future tenants. MC Strass takes the responsibility of continuously maintaining the building in its entirety, including the roof.

Stone Roofing performed a routine Preventative Maintenance job for this building in November of 2019. The work included is extensive, however to summarize, foremen inspected the entire roof field in great detail, cleaning and resealing as needed. This includes inspecting for cracks, deterioration, and punctures in locations such as base flashings, corners, pipe penetrations, edge metal, coping, curbs, platforms, drains, and more. This particular job required sealing many areas of damage in the field, as well as sealing all penetrations and rooftop equipment.

Roof Project Details

Location   Azusa, CA

Size  30,400 Sq. Ft.

Industry  Mixed Use Shopping Center

Roofing System  Built Up


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Yes! We Can Help With Your Commercial Roof.


Stone Roofing is a dedicated commercial roofing company committed to providing the highest quality for the best value to all our customers.  We are a dependable and a trusted roofing contractor that has been servicing industrial/commercial businesses for over eighty years.

We specialize in flat re-roofing, ground up projects, roof maintenance and commercial roof repair, servicing Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.

Our goal at Stone Roofing is to be here for our valued customers and provide them with highly trained commercial roofers and the best commercial roof system for the most competitive price.

We truly value your business and hope that all of our customers are all safe, healthy and doing well.

We are here to help you with any roof need that you have!

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Costa Mesa Roof Repairs

Stone Roofing – Spotlight On Commercial Roofing

Metro Pointe Repair

(Before) Pipe Penetration Lacks Flashing

(After) Drains Receive New TPO Membrane

(After) Pipe Penetration Receives New ChemCurb as a Permanent Repair

Project Description

In 2019, Stone Roofing had the opportunity to make roofing repairs for the DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse located in the Metro Pointe shopping center in Costa Mesa. The majority of the roof is a colored built up membrane, however a small section of TPO Membrane was also found. The main focus of this job was to replace the deteriorated drainage area with brand new white TPO, in addition to scanning and making repairs as needed across the rest of the built up roof. Miscellaneous permanent repairs included sealing exposed pipe penetrations and sealing deteriorated membrane on the walls. The entire roof was also professionally cleared of all debris and trash.
Stone Roofing makes it a priority to complete the customer’s requests accurately and in a timely manner, all without disrupting typical business, as was demonstrated on this job.

Roof Project Details

Location                   Costa Mesa, CA
Size                              27,000 Sq. Ft.
Industry                    Retail Warehouse
Roofing System    TPO and Built Up Membrane


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Did You Budget 2020 Commercial Roof Maintenance?

If you forgot and did not budget for 2020 commercial roof maintenance, it is not too late.  Spending a little bit today can save a tremendous amount of time and money tomorrow.

The fastest solution:

The worst solution is to do nothing and hope the roof remains intact. Doing nothing is not a solution. Simply because a roof is not leaking now does not mean it will not develop costly problems over the next year.

Contact Stone Roofing Co., Inc. to have an inspection this year and to ensure your roof budget stays on target.


Take Wind Damage Seriously

It is just a little wind. Most commercial business owners will hear the wind pick up outside and never give it a second thought!  Commercial Owners need to be aware that any time the wind picks up outside, your commercial roof is taking the brunt force of it. Yes, that structure above your head can be seriously affected when the wind picks up it could cause the roof system to fail.

It does not take much wind to cause significant damage to flat commercial roof systems. In fact, a 40 mph to 50 mph wind can pull off loose fascia and edge flashing. The stronger the wind and older the roof, the more likelihood that some damage may occur. Periodic Roof Inspections should be done right after strong windstorms.  This helps commercial owners spot roof issues and address them quickly.

Next time that you hear the wind banging against the office window, do not just shrug your shoulders about it.  Have your roof system inspected to ensure no damage has occurred.




The end of summer means its back to school time. It also means it is the best time for an annual commercial roof inspection. California summers are the best time of year for outdoor work and maintenance, and August to September is ideal for taking care of Preventative Maintenance on your commercial roof.

You want your roof in tip-top shape, before bad weather hits. Fall is right around the corner, which means that trees will begin shedding their leaves, and overgrown brush can drop branches and other mulch onto your commercial roof. Every year, property owners contend with the potential roof damage that comes from clogged gutters, drains and overgrown debris. Therefore, it is better to prepare now than to risk damages during the worst part of the year for maintenance or repairs.

This is why back-to-school season is the perfect time to have an annual commercial roof inspection. Just as students begin testing and performing assessments to ensure they are meeting standards, this time of year can be a great reminder for property owners to “test” and assess their commercial roofs, to make sure they are up to standards.

Let Stone Roofing help you get your commercial roof

 Back-To-School Ready!

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