The end of summer means its back to school time. It also means it is the best time for an annual commercial roof inspection. California summers are the best time of year for outdoor work and maintenance, and August to September is ideal for taking care of Preventative Maintenance on your commercial roof.

You want your roof in tip-top shape, before bad weather hits. Fall is right around the corner, which means that trees will begin shedding their leaves, and overgrown brush can drop branches and other mulch onto your commercial roof. Every year, property owners contend with the potential roof damage that comes from clogged gutters, drains and overgrown debris. Therefore, it is better to prepare now than to risk damages during the worst part of the year for maintenance or repairs.

This is why back-to-school season is the perfect time to have an annual commercial roof inspection. Just as students begin testing and performing assessments to ensure they are meeting standards, this time of year can be a great reminder for property owners to “test” and assess their commercial roofs, to make sure they are up to standards.

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Seasonal Concerns Regarding Commercial Roofing

Your investment into your commercial building is far too precious to undermine by not keeping up with commercial roofing maintenance and repairs. An ideal way to make sure you don’t miss something is to think of each new season of the year as an opportunity to perform necessary and advisable service to your roof. Here are the things to do each season of the year:

Fall – If you have trees nearby that are taller than your building, be sure to keep up with removing fallen leaves throughout the season. You definitely don’t want those to remain over the winter as they’ll soak up moisture and put added strain on the commercial roofing. Be sure to inspect the drains as well to make sure they haven’t been clogged by debris.

Winter – Cold temperatures are hard on commercial roofing, particularly if you have existing problems. Be sure to take care of any membrane splits or separations, as well as any other defects before winter snow and cold makes them worse to the point of major leaking. Have the membrane inspected, because if it is reaching the end of its lifespan or has multiple patches, the winter conditions aren’t going to be kind to it. Consider applying roof coating protection, which may need to be done before the temperatures get too low to use the product

Spring – As you do at home, think of spring as the time for spring cleaning at your business. It is a period for getting your property in top condition by eliminating what has happened during the winter. Look for areas of a flat roof where the membrane has become damaged. Clean off debris that will interfere with the drainage of spring rains.

Summer – Summer heat can be hard on commercial roofing, so performing an inspection is important. It is also important to watch for storm damage that may have occurred and that should be repaired as quickly as possible.

Stone Roofing can inspect your building throughout the year and make recommendations for maintenance and repair that can help your commercial roofing survive whatever Mother Nature has cooked up for the next season.

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