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Reasons to Choose Stone Roofing Co., Inc.

Trust Contractors

A roof replacement or repair is an important decision for all Commercial Property Owners.  This is why hiring the right roofing contractor to handle your roof projects is essential. Stone Roofing is a premier roofing contractor servicing: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties since 1934.

Here are the reasons you can trust Stone Roofing on your next commercial roof improvement project.


  • At Stone Roofing, we are committed to providing quality service to property owners. We are proud to be recognized as a GAF® Master Elite™ contractor. We have also maintained a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau for years. In addition, as a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, we are updated with the current trends in roofing information, technology, and education.


  • Our team of professionals can offer a wide range of roofing services for your property. We specialize in commercial roofing and we also offer roof repair services and preventative maintenance that helps maintain  the life of roof system.  Once you contact us, our representatives will immediately handle your concerns and send our team to fix the problem.


  • Keep in mind that quality and experience comes first when you make your final roof contractor decision.  Here at Stone Roofing we provide brands that are high in quality an offer excellent appeal and function.  With our years of experience, you can be assured that our installers have the necessary knowledge for a proper installation.

Business Reliability                                            

  • Reliability starts at  the top!  We are proud to say that we have over 80 years of Roofing Experience and we will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we do today!

Call us today at (800)31-STONE to learn more about our different products and services.  

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for now and in the future.

The Spotlight is on Commercial Roofing – Housing Complex

The Spotlight is on Commercial Roofing – Housing Complex

Stone Roofing Co., Inc. had the opportunity to repair a 183-Unit, occupied senior housing building complex that was in need of repairs and maintenance….. fast.

The coating used is extremely efficient at reducing the heat island effect of the building.  It reflects heat from sunlight and keeps the interior temperatures cooler while lowering energy costs by reducing strain on HVAC units. Roof coating application was performed in three overlapping phases for the four buildings.

When Stone Roofing completes a roofing project where it is occupied by tenants, we make every effort to keep disruption to a minimum so that daily living activities are not interrupted.

House Complex

For more information on this project or you have a project that you need an estimate for, contact Stone Roofing Co., Inc.


Spring Cleaning

Now that winter is coming to an end and spring cleaning is in full force, we want to remind you about your commercial property roof maintenance.  Your commercial roof is a very important part of your property and it can really take a beating from those cold winter months.

Spring Cleaning Just Ahead Green Road Sign and Clouds

Therefore, property owners will definitely want to schedule a Roof Preventative Maintenance Inspection “Spring Cleaning”.  Have a roof contractor like Stone Roofing perform a Spring preventative maintenance inspection on your commercial roof.

Stone Roofing we will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we do today!

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Exposure to the elements Heat, Rain and Wind can have a big effect on any commercial roof and are often the biggest threat to a roof’s health. As a responsible property owner, knowing how the weather can affect your commercial roof is key to keeping it in great shape.

Some elements that property owners should be on the lookout for.


Excessive heat can make certain materials swell. Those expansions can cause immediate damage, as well as further problems when they start to shrink.


Rain is the most regular element and is one that you cannot afford to ignore for a second. The smallest hole or crack in the roof can allow water to pass through and wreak havoc on your commercial building.


We don’t tend to think of wind as a damaging element. However, strong winds can cause serious harm to a commercial roof.  Wind can force trees to rub against the roof or tree branches can break off and puncture the roof.

The best way to avoid roof-related problems and strengthen weather resistance is through regular care and preventive maintenance. Proper maintenance prolongs the life of a commercial roof and allows for a “repair” instead of “replacement”.

Whether you need Emergency Roof Service, Preventative Maintenance Program, Roof Repair, or a Re-Roof, Stone Roofing Co., Inc. can help you out.

Stone Roofing we will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we do today!

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Benefits of Sprayfoam Roof Systems


The Stone Roofing Team experienced and met many industry professionals at the 2017 Sprayfoam Convention & Expo.  We enjoyed diverse programs, interesting speakers, expo with many vendors and a exceptional award luncheon. It was the ideal place to network with peers and build new relationships.

Stone Roofing is a certified spray foam contractor.  Polyurethane Spray Foam Roofing Systems provide many benefits to building owners.

Benefits of Spray Foam Roof Systems:

  • Leak free monolithic seal over your entire roof deck
  • Self flashing
  • High insulation value / Rapid payback with energy savings
  • Strong adhesion and wind uplift resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • UL and FM approved systems

Let Stone Roofing provide you with a Polyurethane Spray Foam estimate for your next roofing project.

Stone Roofing, we will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we do today!
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The Spotlight is on Commercial Roofing – Retail

Stone Roofing Co., Inc. has the experience and knowledge to work on a variety of Retail projects. Currently Stone is the preferred contractor for 100’s of retail buildings throughout California. Successfully completing a project on a retail building requires planning and great communication with the owners, tenants, employees and customers.

Maintaining a safe environment for both customers and construction crews is our primary concern. Working in phases, scheduling during off business hours, clearly marking construction routes and zones, cleaning up and protecting work daily are all tasks perfected in over 80 years of business in the Commercial Roofing Industry.


Location – Big Lot’s – Laguna Hills, Ca

Size – 26,600 Sq. Ft.

Industry – Retail

Roofing System – Title-24 Compliant, Cold-Applied Acrylic, Elastomeric Coating over Modified Built-Up Roof

For more information on this project or you have a project that you need an estimate for, contact Stone Roofing Co., Inc.