Preventative Maintenance – Azusa

Project Description

The Commercial Center in Azusa is home to dozens of businesses. A portion of this is owned by MC Strass Edgewood Center LLC, who in turn provides adequate shelter and space for Boost Mobile and future tenants. MC Strass takes the responsibility of continuously maintaining the building in its entirety, including the roof.

Stone Roofing performed a routine Preventative Maintenance job for this building in November of 2019. The work included is extensive, however to summarize, foremen inspected the entire roof field in great detail, cleaning and resealing as needed. This includes inspecting for cracks, deterioration, and punctures in locations such as base flashings, corners, pipe penetrations, edge metal, coping, curbs, platforms, drains, and more. This particular job required sealing many areas of damage in the field, as well as sealing all penetrations and rooftop equipment.

Roof Project Details

Location   Azusa, CA

Size  30,400 Sq. Ft.

Industry  Mixed Use Shopping Center

Roofing System  Built Up


Contact Stone Roofing Co., Inc. 800.31.STONE (78663)


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