Protection from the Roof Top:

The Importance of Care and Maintenance on the roof top.

The best way to avoid roof-related problems and strengthen weather resistance is through regular care and preventive maintenance.

Proper maintenance also prolongs the life of a roof and in many instances will allow for “repair” instead of “replacement” when a problem is identified. The frequency of inspections for routine maintenance depends on several factors, including the age of the roof, recent weather events, rooftop foot traffic, and conditions identified during previous inspections. That said, scheduling preventative maintenance every 6 months (fall and spring) is an effective way to make sure it is not sidetracked by the press of other important business matters.


Have you scheduled your Roof Preventative Maintenance for 2017?  Remember that a little maintenance can result in a lot of savings, especially when compared to the cost of damage from a small, undetected leak or a catastrophic roof failure.

Stone Roofing, we will be here tomorrow to stand behind what we do today! (800) 31-STONE.




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