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We are almost 80 years old and have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and now Instagram! Follow us, tag us, and check-in with us to see the latest of what we are doing in the industry of commercial roofing! Rooftops around Los Angeles County make for some amazing pictures. Learn about the different options for your commercial roof to save money and keep a cool, comfortable, safe and energy efficient building.

Cool Roof Los Angeles

The roof you see above has a special coating with bright white granules to meet the energy efficiency standards of California. The owners of this theater in Downtown Los Angeles will save big on their energy bills for years to come.  Other benefits of this coating are strength – preventing damage from foot traffic and falling objects (in case it ever hails in LA!), Low VOC – putting less chemical odors into the air we breathe, asbestos free, has a long life protecting the underlying roof from aging… With a 20 year warranty, you really cant go wrong.  Give us a call to see if this system would work for your building!
1-800-31-STONE or (626) 969-6515

Stone Roofing Co., Inc. is currently roofing in: Los Angeles, Chino, Riverside, Pasadena, Burbank, Castais, and Morongo Valley.


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