Recent Storms Boost Demand for Roof Repairs

Local companies report pickup in businesss
By Erick Galindo, Staff Writer. Pasadena Star-News

In a typical year for roofing contractors in Southern California, summer is slow and it gets busy in the fall. This wasn’t the case for these past recession-riddled years, but then it started to rain and wouldn’t stop.

Los Angeles County experienced record rain totals over the holidays, nearing 13 inches of rain. At one point, a state rain gauge in Puente Hills collected nine inches of rain. While the skies are beginning to clear up, the effects are lagging and roofers are seeing jobs pour in.

The storm also brought lots of wind which leaves a lot of debris on roofs. The rain has to move somewhere, but since it is blocked by the debris it can often go through the roof.

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3 thoughts on “Recent Storms Boost Demand for Roof Repairs

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